Animal Assisted Therapy

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I was fortunate enough to attend a professional development day working with a herd of horses. Well it turned out to be one of the best days of professional development I have attended. Working with and being with such gentle and large animals and seeing the therapeutic benefits was such a nourishing, playful, serious and insightful experience, both personally and professionally. This got me thinking about the role of animals in our own lives and animals around us generally. I personally have a strong bond with animals and a deep love and respect for our animal friends. I often talk about the present moment or being present, or how we can move through life mindfully. Animals have a way of showing us how to do that, because that is how they live all the time. A bird just opens up and sings not thinking if it will sound ok, cats, well there is a wealth of learning from them, especially how to relax! The joy of a running dog. I have just touched on a few and there are so many ways of learning from and appreciating animals. I would encourage you to think about what you get from your pets, or what you have learnt about yourself through them, and to also notice the wildlife around you, what you are drawn to and what your experience of seeing them or being with them may have for you.


If you are interested in Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) I would suggest you contact Dr Kathryn Morris-Roberts (07955268798) or Alexander Greaves ( or for further information.

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