Coping with Uncertainty


Life moves in rhythms and cycles, we see this in the changing of the seasons, day to night, year-to-year. Our lives also have certain rhythms and cycles, some we are so familiar with, our own particular morning rituals for instance.

Sometimes though we are presented with a challenge to our daily routines. This can come in any form, for instance; having to deal with a sudden health crisis. There is potentially a period of needing to have tests done, possibly an operation, and then the waiting to know if everything will be ok. These kind of events often give rise to feelings of anxiousness and stress and can be a fertile space for our fears to escalate.

So what can we do to help manage our anxieties? In gestalt therapy we talk about the here and now. The present moment is where you are and bringing yourself into the here and now can be supportive. To do this you can begin by noticing your breath, the in and out rhythm. Then notice what is around you, what do you see, smell, and hear? As I do this now, I become aware of the birds singing, the warmth of sunny spring day, the luminous green of new leaves on the trees and the opening buds of tulips. I smell a freshly mown lawn and other delicate scents in the garden. I feel myself becoming more relaxed and I breathe slower and fuller, I feel myself soften. It is from this space that the not not knowing does not feel so big, I feel able to notice more than just my fears and anxieties.

In doing this we can then make some room for the uncertainties, without being overwhelmed by them.

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