Reflections on the Capon Tree


One of the last survivors of the Ancient Jed forest. At over 500 years of age this majestic Oak tree is supported in deference to it’s historical connection to Jedburgh. I had heard that hangings once took place on this tree. I have passed this place many times, and it was only recently that I realised that this tree was just off the main road. So with camera in hand I stopped to take the picture-been there, seen that. A theme that has been playing around this last week for me. How at times I/we are capturing the photo and losing the moment. This reflects for me something that happens in our daily lives, we get busy with what we are about to do, or think of what we have just done, moving quickly from one experience to the other. So I caught myself again, and stopped, I stopped and I looked and wondered at this majestic Oak that is falling apart and sill standing, albeit with a little help.


What has this tree seen, been part of and what happens to me as I stop and really look and be with? Slowly as I allowed myself to be with the tree, I began to notice, to sense and to feel. I felt sorrow at the loss of the Ancient Jed Forest, the loss of the lives on the tree, drawn into an act that I feel certain the tree would not have wanted. I felt privileged to be standing underneath and feeling enveloped by something hard to describe, but perhaps what a sense of benevolent timelessness may feel like. What many wonderful stories this tree may hold.

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