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While out walking I was looking at trees along the riverbank, in particular their roots that were exposed and how they were holding the earth in place stopping erosion and my mind then wandered the meaning of roots and to what we make of our roots.

I was thinking of my children and grandchildren, and I am part of their roots, their ancestry. What does this mean for me and what meaning do my roots have for me, at this point I saw the following image:


This made me think about when we are no longer, what do we leave behind and what roots meant to those that came before us and what will our family roots mean to those that come after us.

Having spent a lot of time with my daughter and grandchildren recently we have seen some interesting family patterns and the effect they have on us. Some of them are great and supportive and are part of our strengths and what give us our determination to forge ahead and make the lives that we want. Yet we are also aware of the family patterns that are more challenging and that can hold us back.


So how do we break destructive patterns and find a different way? We agree that this is something we want to do so that our future generations don’t have to.

Healing the ancestral lines before us and after us is possible, and through doing the work on ourselves by becoming conscious of what we do and why we do certain things. Once we are aware we can make different choices, or commit to trying something different, choosing to make a life we want to live.

There is increasing support for healing ancestral lines as being possible as well as for trauma to be passed along to our children/future generations. Research has also shown that healing can be passed on.

I have provided some links to articles that discuss this further.



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