I have been thinking about transitions and the time that they take. Having recently relocated from Yorkshire to Scotland, I thought it would be a fairly simple transition as I have moved home often in my life, and yet this time it is taking me some time to settle and there seems to be a whole process going on for me.


This got me thinking about how often I am working with people in transition, and that these very powerful times in our lives more often than not take time.


Transitions take many forms, sometimes it is moving to a different phase of life, such as from teenager to adult, or becoming a parent, getting married, divorced, or changing careers, or on an inner level going through a transformation of being in the world, it can be a spiritual awakening, or reaching a point where you can no longer continue in a way you have been and change knocks at the door, moving you to a different space, or it could be the process of dying, and the ultimate transition from life to death. The ways we each transition are many and deeply personal. Allowing ourselves the time can sometimes be difficult, whether from our own or others expectations and yet time is the best gift we can give to ourselves and to others. Some journeys cannot be rushed, and must not be rushed.


While these periods of time can be wonderful experiences, they can also at times be difficult and challenging. They can also be times that are full of promise, and beauty and growth. When I allow myself to reflect back on some of the times I have experienced transitions, some have felt awful at the time, but I realise now that they were opportunities for me to grow and flourish, sometimes despite my protests. Other transitions have felt good and were also beautiful and wonderful and life changing. I have been fortunate enough to experience some wonderful support for my transitions, such as going on vision quests, and different therapies, as well as the support of friends and family. In fact supporting ourselves and getting the support we need is to me a very important part of the process.


For me it is humbling to witness people I work with go through transitions, that often require courage and a willingness to engage with some difficult processes. The changes and growth that happen are wonderful.

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