Winter Blues


As we approach the clock’s changing and the darker and longer nights, many of us struggle with feeling low. In some instances this is quite severe and known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

There are actions that can be taken to help manage this time.

  • One is to get a SAD light (a web search will bring up many options) or a dawn simulator.
  • Get outdoors in the light as much as you can. This is difficult for many people who go to work in the dark and return when it is dark. If this is your situation, try and get out every lunch break and get natural light. Use the weekends to go for winter walks.
  • This can also be a time of craving foods that may not be good for you, so make some effort to make some good wholesome food to support your system.
  • Light candles in the evening, or burn certain essential oils such as Bergamont, this one is good for low mood and for burning in the winter months, or choose essential oils that you enjoy.
  • Sleep more, winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a good time to rest and perhaps it is a time to go inwards a bit. Embrace this instead of fighting it.
  • Find a craft or leisure activity that can be done indoors. It may be a needlecraft, painting, drawing, or even get a colouring book.

You may find other activities or actions that support you through this time, find what works for you and remember to do it. Above all remember this will pass and is part of the earths’ cycle, and this may be a good time to see what your own cycles of expansion and contraction are.

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