Online Self-development Course


“If you own this story you get to write the ending” Brene Brown


This is an online course to be completed over a period of 6 weeks. It includes 3 telephone or Skype consultation sessions with Liselle Van Zyl.

The course comes with a handbook to be used as a guide throughout the course. The handbook itself has been carefully curated and put together by Liselle.

Each week we will explore a different theme, bringing you closer to your sense of purpose, by discovering yourself in a completely new way.


Self and Self-care

Week 1

In this week you will explore all the facets of yourself, uncovering subconscious and conscious behaviour patterns as a base line for the course.

Life Story

 Week 2 

This week we will look at your life on a macro level, using creativity through writing, collaging, painting or other means of self expression. Honouring the journey that you have been on.


Week 3

In this week we will explore the relationships in your life including your relationship patterns over the years and how they impact you and those around you. This will be a time of gentle discovery with great care taken toward yourself and others


Week 4

In this week you will explore your career choices, and at the end will have a good idea of what fulfils you in your career or vocation.

Nature and Spirituality 

Week 5

Looking at how you relate to the world around you. There will be practices to do that will enhance your relationship with nature providing you with tools to cope with the past and present as issues come up for healing and release. You will also gain a clearer idea of what supports you through this practice.

Feeling Whole again

Week 6

Integrating and understanding the ‘New You’. This will be an empowering excercise to acknowledge the work you have done on yourself through out the course and in your life. It will facilitate any changes you would like to make for yourself, including methodology on how to do this while honouring your story yet also allowing you to write a new one….

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Total Cost including the course handbook (PDF),

3 Skype/ Phone Therapy sessions during weeks 1,3,and 6 with Liselle Van Zyl

and an exclusive Stonelabyrinth journal to document this journey

is £300.00

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