Nature Quest

The Nature Quest is an opportunity to step out of the business of your life, giving yourself time to reflect on what’s important for you. To gain insights, and through acknowledging and facing your fears, find your strength.

In the reflective space of nature, coming to your senses, perceptions take a different form, which moves away from purely the logical mind. Remembering what your journey/path is.

Where the rock becomes an Eagle and the clouds shift into images, and the dragonfly dances for you, inviting you deeper into a place of knowing.

The Nature Quest involves three stages:


The first stage begins when you make the commitment to do the quest. There is a short period of guided preparation before arrival with further preparation and support on arrival.


This is the time that you are in your own company in your chosen place, abstaining from food. Time to open to experience whatever the landscape offers

To get the full impact of all the elements, within and without, one has to be alone.” – Neil M. Gunn


The last phase is that of integration, where you return to share your solo experience and are supported in ways as to how you can incorporate your new insights on your return home.