Online Therapy

Online therapy is an alternative to face to face psychotherapy or counselling.

I am available either through RingMD or Skype

For RingMD follow the link below

Skype to Skype is free and can be downloaded at

With skype and webcams we can see each other and create a therapeutic space.

This may be useful when:

You live in a remote place with inaccessible counselling services

  • If you live abroad and do not have access to an English speaking therapist
  • Where different time zones may suit your schedule
  • If you have a tight schedule or travel frequently
  • If you are unable to get out of the house or travel due to illness or lack of transport etc

To use this service you will need to:

Have a webcam and skype

  • Find a private space, free of distractions (phones, e-mail turned off) and other people
  • A headphone/headset is useful or a computer that works well with videochat programmes
  • Make sure you are comfortable (comfortable chair and room temperature)
  • Make sure you are not disturbed during your scheduled session

You can book a session by contacting me by phone or e-mail.